Monday, 26 November 2012

Today I Have Been in the Booth

Today I have been in the sound booth working on the junior play for tomorrow. I have been up there using the lighting and have been setting the scenes. I drew up a plan of where all of the lights are situated and when to turn which lights on and when or if to flash them.

The timing is key for the different people's entrances to the stage. I must ensure that everyone can be seen on the stage and that they are lit up with some light.

In the sound box we have a sound board, a lighting board, an amplifier control box and a computer. When I am in the Booth for shows I have to mark up a technical script to make sure that I don't miss any lights or sound effects that may be needed.

By George

Monday, 19 November 2012

Caritable Mobial Phone Network Opens in the UK

The People's Operator (TPO) is a charitable network that gives its customers the chance to choose where 10% of thier bill money goes. They will also be donating 25% of its profits to charities, including Childline.

Chairman Andrew Rosenfeld said he hoped TPO could spread internationally. The network, which went live on Monday, will initially operate as a pay-as-you-go only network, with contract options becoming available early next year.

The network is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) - an operator that runs of the bigger networks. like O2, Orange, T-Mobial and Vodaphone. Although the company would not confirm its involvement, TPO is expected to run on EE, the company formed by a merge of Orange and T-Mobile. EE recently launched the UK's first 4G mobile internet service. TPO said it would offer 4G when it becomes available.

The People's Operator logo

Friday, 5 October 2012

Apple Sues Samsung

Apple has added Samsung's latest handset to an american patent lawsuit claiming the company infringes eight of its technologies.

The disputed innovations include a way to synchronise photos, music and video files across devices, and a way to send videos over the internet.

Apple had already filed claims against earlier Samsung devices saying that they had copied iPhones and iPads. Previously there was a legal dispute involving Apple and Google's Motorola unit.

Samsung's legal move is the latest in a long running battle with Apple.

The US firm has claimed that the Galaxy device maker copied the look and iOS system software found on its tablets and mobials.

Although several of Apple's claims have been rejected, it recently won a major victory when a California-based jury ruled Samsung should pay it over $1bn (£620m) in damages. As the companys are rivals in buisness I think that made samsung very angry and not helping them to get along with Apple.

Samsung has had its own courtroom successes, including a ruling last August that Apple had infringed two of its wireless communication patents in South Korea. It resulted in an order for the IPhone maker to pay 40m won ($35,000; £22,000) in damages. so Apple still cam out on top with the damage charges.

The US lawsuit involving the iPhone 5 dates back to April when a complaint about other devices was filed in the Northern District of California by Samsung to go to trial in March 2014. This is quite a while away yet and there will be another IPhone out by then so will they keep on with this endless battle with Apple or will they settle for 2014's law case.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

IPhone 5 likely to be out in September-October

The New Iphone 5 is likely to be coming out in September-October! evry one is hoping it will have a  more powerful processor, faster interface, better camera (more mega pixels) and a better screen quality. the main point of this post was to tell evryone that the iphone 5 is expected in September! I can't wait and i will keep on imforming you on the iphone 5 and more!
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Monday, 14 May 2012

Bit Torrent Blocker Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is the new software that has so far stopped thousands of people from illegaly downloading films and movies from Torrent. It has been backed up by microsoft and has already been succesfull with several companys including Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios. This software is vital and aimd to save billions of pounds in lost reviue. Every year approximately £9900000000 (£9.9 Billion) is film industry's lost revinue £2.7 Billion of that should be workers wages but is lost because of Piracy.

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

In Raspberry Pi club Today!

Today, in Raspberry Pi Club we got my friend Jack's Raspberry Pi up and running! It was amazing! It was just like being in a normal Linux environment! We went on to the School Website and looked at some of the School blogs and we also tried various different websites, including Club Penguin (Theo wanted to have a little look) We couldn't access Club Penguin because the Raspberry Pi doesn't have adobe on it so we will look into getting that and hope that it will work on Raspberry Pi's!
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Monday, 30 April 2012

IPads are Getting Closer to Windows!

As some people may know you can Jailbreak Apple Tech such as the IPad, IPod Touch and IPhone. Cydia is now offering a £6.20 Tweak called Quasar that enables you to open multiple windows and so that your IPad can Multi-task. Here is a picture of it:
It is quite clever and hopefully we will be able to run Windows OS on the IPad in not too much time!

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

In Raspberry Pi club!

In Raspberry Pi Club, one of my friends, Jack brought his Raspberry Pi into school! It was amzingly small! I thought it would be bigger than it really is! I am the same as most people out there, I won't be getting mine untill june so I will be waiting a little while! We have been learning how to use python and we have chosen to use arch linux arm as our operating system. We are sorting out the SD card for the new Pi this week and hope to have it up and running by next thursday! I can't wait to use scratch and python!

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

QR Code for my site!

I have just made a QR Code for my website.
All you need is:

A Smartphone or IPod Touch
Download a QR Code Scanner
Scan my QR Code
And you are on my website! (If you want you can copy it or print it out)

Here is my QR Code:

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Free Android Mobial Apps "Drain" Phone Battery

Research proves that on Android Mobials the free apps "Drain" the battery down pretty quickly. The reason for this is because there are lots of adverts on free apps, that is how the free apps make money but it is costing the app user 75% of battery used to power the application just on the adverts, however much battery life is used. A way to save your battery is unfortunately to buy the paid apps with no adverts but personally I would prefere to just get all the free apps rather than buying all my apps for money but it will run your battery low quite quickly if you don't but you could always just buy a portable phone charger or a car charger. It is always good to know these things so I just thought i would tell you just incase you were interested.
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By George :)

I Have Just Ordered My Raspberry Pi!

I Have Just Ordered My Raspberry Pi! I am so excited. I just got a confirmation email about the next batch of Raspberry Pi's and I have ordered one of them! I can't wait until it arrives but until then I need to start getting all of then wires and cables so when it comes I can just plug it in and get started! I do fear it won't arrive in time for school but let's hope that it will arrive soon! I just can't wait!!!
Let me know if you have or are going to order your raspberry pi. Or maybe you already have one are you enjoying using it? Comment below!

By George :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Another Gadget From Cambridge!

Cambridge have now developed a gadget that can "unprint" or "unphotocopy" ink of a piece of paper. The researchers say that this machine works on normal toner ink cartridges and is more Eco Friendly than recycling. What happens is the laser heats up the ink and vapourises it so the ink is now not on the paper. The ink is only so thin, so the laser needs to be quite short, otherwise it could burn through the paper!

By George :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Brand New IPad 3!

On the 16th March Apple's brand new IPad 3 is going to be launched! You might not be shocked to hear that six days before the launch people were queing outside the Apple stores waiting for the IPads to be delivered and for the stores to open! I expect that all Apple fans have Pre-ordered their Ipad 3's and are exploding with anticipation waiting to get it! So, what is so good about the IPad 3? The New IPad has a 5 Megapixel isight camara for amazing photo and imaging services. This New Ipad 3 is 4g ready so internet will be much faster.

By George :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

More News on The Raspberry Pi's

Now, you may know alot about Raspberry Pi's but did you know: that within one hour the website was forced to shutdown. Over 700 people per second were going onto the website for the first hour, they were not expecting it so they needed to upgrade the site as soon as possible. They were sold out in the first 15 minutes after the launch. Now the website is up and running free for lots and lots of people to now use!

By George :)

Raspberry Pi Delay

There will unfortunatly be a delay in the making of Raspberry Pi's because the wrong networking jack was inserted, this has caused the few that went wrong to be disposed of, and this means that there may be delays to the forth coming batches of Raspberry Pi's. It also doesn't help with the fact that there is such a high demand for this amazing little computer and a problem has now been caused.

But all being good the problem has now been sorted and although the manufacturers mybe a bit behind on the production of them but the prodution line is now back to normal working order and are hoping to get the Raspberry Pi's to the costumers as soon a possible. They are hoping the next batch will be soon ready for dispatch.

By George :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Raspberry Pi

You have probably heard about the Raspberry Pi on the news, and i am here to tell you more about it! This computing revolution is a credit card sized/IPhone sized computer and you can plug a monitor, keyboard and mouse in. It is a basic computer designed to help children learn how to programme. It has lots of different ports including: 2 USB ports, a DVI/monitor port,  an HDMI port, a lan socket and an Ethernet cable port. I am really hoping to get one soon as I love tech and it is the latest bit of technology. It only costs £22 and the manufacturers are trying to take the price down even lower!

George :)

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