Thursday, 31 May 2012

IPhone 5 likely to be out in September-October

The New Iphone 5 is likely to be coming out in September-October! evry one is hoping it will have a  more powerful processor, faster interface, better camera (more mega pixels) and a better screen quality. the main point of this post was to tell evryone that the iphone 5 is expected in September! I can't wait and i will keep on imforming you on the iphone 5 and more!
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george :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Bit Torrent Blocker Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is the new software that has so far stopped thousands of people from illegaly downloading films and movies from Torrent. It has been backed up by microsoft and has already been succesfull with several companys including Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios. This software is vital and aimd to save billions of pounds in lost reviue. Every year approximately £9900000000 (£9.9 Billion) is film industry's lost revinue £2.7 Billion of that should be workers wages but is lost because of Piracy.

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By George :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

In Raspberry Pi club Today!

Today, in Raspberry Pi Club we got my friend Jack's Raspberry Pi up and running! It was amazing! It was just like being in a normal Linux environment! We went on to the School Website and looked at some of the School blogs and we also tried various different websites, including Club Penguin (Theo wanted to have a little look) We couldn't access Club Penguin because the Raspberry Pi doesn't have adobe on it so we will look into getting that and hope that it will work on Raspberry Pi's!
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By George :)